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Poems? 10/20/05
I watched you from the shore, And the tears pilled up into oceans, Then your smile parted my drowning sea, Making me forget time, space, brooks and streams, So there we were riding upon...
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Jane Austin Stole my Bamboo 9/14/05
Mark: The single worst part of my day is the 23 seconds when you see a girl you know, who you may or may not have an attraction to, and...
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Chai is life 8/20/05
The night felt oddly familiar. A transient entity, more vividly haunting by a sense of ephemeral peace; as if there was a tension in the souls of the sane...
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I'm scared of the glow of city lights. 8/14/05
“I can see a man holding a rifle, tragic and poignant in the rain, as if he’s melted into the world a few decades ago. Somewhere...
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Music, please. Softly. 7/2/05
I hear the gentle resounance of faded chords quivering through the room, the ripples make me smile, a sad, ironic smile. A smile which every author at some phase...
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Swallowed in the Sea 6/17/05
I could use some coffee. The clock above the old, pale yellow stove reads out 5:40; time for work. I don't have time to brew anything, so the next best...
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Coffee on my spoon6/15/05
Better an Ezra in Bed4/14/05
What if i had two right hands?4/12/05
Once more, for Posterity.3/31/05
Die Traum3/29/05
A beautiful Disaster3/24/05
Where do we Go?3/13/05
Calvin Klein3/5/05
Peculiar inspiration3/2/05
Minesweeper, Wallowing's witness2/20/05
Tonight, I eat Peanuts.2/14/05
Humor me.2/10/05
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