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I hope you don't see the rain on my cheeks tonight 1/22/05
We're walking down the road in the rain, together, yet still alone, our feet stepping in time on the slippery asphalt. You place your arm over my shoulder, gently cradling...
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Vivo Per Lei 1/17/05
It is most devastating when nightmare and reality become blurred together in tragedy. And time passes so agonizingly slowly as the months continue to begin and end at normal speed....
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Che Voi Con Me? 1/16/05
I catch those sideways glances often now, and not one of them directs me to the clarity I desperately ache for. We’re dancing around in circles all the way around...
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Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?... 1/12/05
I DID IT. It was me!!! Caught me red-handed there! Don't you see the sickness of it, the twistedness, the patheticness of what I wouldn't do for you. Lie even. It's...
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Ho Mancato Tu 1/11/05
Distance will make us all better. It takes time. This was the PLAN, it had to work……Right. Well I’ve given it time....
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To That Somebody 12/14/04
Goodbye’s the saddest word, don’t you think?

What I wouldn’t give to see some excitement in you, some excitement for me. But no. Even in my attempts to do anything...
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