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bleeding in my best dress 1/10/05
black lace, delicate and dark, powerful, poisonous; yes, that’s how i feel walking through these dimly lit halls. candlelight flickering the way candlelight should, warm waves flowing over stucco and...
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denying her colors 1/9/05
red and yellow. high backed stiff booths and tall swiveling barstools and asses atop them: looking at the table in front of me, i can see no higher in my...
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water 1/5/05
it's hailing - i can hear the ice hitting the glass ceiling of the hotel, some seven or eight floors up. it's one of those dingy hotels one that used...
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spoils of war 1/4/05
i have such an obvious exit away from this mess and crowded court. it is just downstream with red rock and faces staring. transparent arrows flowing through purple faces. (i’m...
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