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It's really just a place for me to write about myself, my life, my writing, my hopes, dreams, aspirations, failures, shortcomings, egocentrism, apathy, altruism, despair, disposition, musings, recent perusals, daily encounters, school, summer, weekends, etc.
O where these days have gone... 1/2/06
How long has it been, my old friends? My last post was so long ago that I had to read it over to remember what it was about. In fact,...
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High School (short story, not true) 5/29/05
“Move,” I voiced gravely, pushing past the far larger, far stockier, and far handsomer quarterback that blocked my path into class, the only real class that I ever cared or...
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*sigh* 4/27/05
I'm failing High School. Woe is me. Melodramatic bullshit is all there is. In other news, I found Carl Jung theories. Those should keep me occupied and happy for awhile....
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Clock Hands Don't Tick 3/22/05
News...What is it that is so breath-takingly fearful about that word? Why is it that news must be bad news, and we must hurt from it? It's one of those...
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URGENT: Update from secondary source 3/5/05
I am now dating beautiful Clair, as of yesterday, and I also, of the same day, I told Ally the full truth. She cried, it made me feel like shit....
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Strong-armed...Not Really 3/1/05
I'm going to change up my font, size, and stuff a few more times, more than likely. And maybe until I die. But I like to...
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Winter Moon Glowing3/1/05
Breathe In A New Day2/28/05


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