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and I thought I was nosy. 6/8/05
Monday through Friday, nearly 8 to 5, you’ll find me sitting in my uncomfortable office chair - uncomfortable because leaning back in it requires the use of both legs pushing...
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one chai limit 4/30/05
you have all this studying to do, but no idea how you can focus on one subject for long enough to comprehend the information you need for the test that...
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paper doll math 4/21/05
one polynesian paper doll boy has six shirts, two pairs of pants, and two pairs of shorts. how many outfits can the paper doll boy make? i'm not quite sure...
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augh! 4/14/05
please tell me if this is overkill, in fact, just look at the length of this to come to your decision. reading is optional ---- Midterm exam - one week...
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i know the sign for confused 4/13/05
but the facial expression is more important. here it is, the next five months in a nutshell: visiting the sister in maui knowing my brother needs to grow up (long story) seeing...
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fall in new york, anyone? 3/30/05
maybe it's just selfishness. it's certainly a possibility. maybe it's the constant scheming. i'm full of big ideas. whatever it is, it's how i got here,...
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organizing files is like cleaning my room but they stay cleaner longer3/6/05
this is your brain.2/26/05
sorry, law and order took over, but before that...2/23/05
you can't know because i don't even know yet.1/23/05
year in, year out1/2/05
semester wrap-up12/15/04
by no means12/14/04
it's the two week rule. sorry, lin alg, this relationship is over.12/2/04
adventures in DUMBO (yeah i don't know what it is either)11/22/04
the post-midterm effect10/19/04
i'll always remember the night i don't remember10/16/04
p.s. happy anniversary.10/3/04
not a good sign9/19/04
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