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Oh, the link! 3/6/06
Well, the site isn't letting me edit that last post; it's just filling this textbox with all the HTML markup that completes the rest of the page after this form....
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Oh, China! 3/6/06
I just ran across the most awesome blog ever about China by an American working in China for a Japanese newspaper... and you know how many blogs about China by...
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Dinner and a Movie 3/5/06
Last night at Aubrey's house her DVD player died. Now, I love DVDs: the better sound, higher resolution, better picture. In fact, if I have a choice between...
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Last Minute Concerns 3/3/06
"I wish to pass away on Good Friday so that I may rise with my Lord on Easter Morning." - Handel, upon realization that his mortal life was coming to a...
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*gasp* A Quiz... Thing 2/15/06
Aubrey put this on her journal, and I really like the idea. Per the instructions and six being my lucky number, please choose not five but six characteristics...
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Another Lame Title 2/14/06
"So often people of different religious persuasions simply talk past one another when they converse on matters religious. They may even use the same words, but they bring a different...
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