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Abbreviated Genius 12/21/06
when you're profound the world unfolds streams of possibility, mountains of acheivement each event in a tree waiting for you to find and pluck it....
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five o'clock shadow 12/15/06
So, I've been in a weird place for a while, and I haven't really been seeing a lot of my normal crowd. Sometimes I get into a down kind of...
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Mental Vacation 5/18/06
In a few days I'll be skipping town. I'll be gone for three months on business, and where I'm going is a completely different world. There, the primay goal is...
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A Penny in a Fountain 5/15/06
Tonight I met up with two of my closest friends at a bar in the high-fashion mall nearby. One of my buds works there and knows the waitress at the...
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Give Me the Side with the X 5/14/06
I was part of a team of people working on a project today. There was kind of a boss, and a bunch of people who knew each other and just...
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Quick Like a Fox 5/12/06
OH. GOD. You have no idea how ecstatic I am right now. I just got a phone call from my boss (and hero) Jim who told me that my team...
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Irony in the Title5/12/06
Timeline Inch Worm5/11/06
Forbidden Shirt Craze5/10/06
Call me Eden5/8/06
Television is Unfair (and Crap)5/7/06
Public Entry #15/5/06


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