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I make me feel like I know myself.
Funny commercial 5/30/06
Haha, I love this commercial. OH SNAP! ...
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Feel De Ridim... 5/30/06
Once upon a time just like in a nursery rhyme, we kick it while sucking on a swine. They need us like a feed us, like a key, like a...
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I Love Katamari!!!! 5/26/06
I just rented it and I love it... it's one of the greatest games ever. I have no idea what you are talking about....
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Another nice little story! 5/24/06
Deep in the middle of the woods lays an old man. As I walked by, he made silly faces at me. So I blew up a ballon. ...
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Hmmm... 5/23/06
What's that I hear? is it a cloud? Hmmm... it made me wonder. Anyways let me tell you a story about how things got in a ball of utter...
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Yeaahhhh 5/17/06
I am new to this... whatever it is... I just stumbled upon this site and I guess it's kool...
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