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annual check-up 10/2/07
my life, summed up over the past six months, sounds like a bad country song. except my dog died three years ago. and i didn't run phil over with a...
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le sigh 1/1/07
havent posted in a while and just wanted to drop a quick note: 2006 is officially over. the happiness that it brought me simply cant be expressed in words. suffice it...
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resting in peace 10/31/06
imagine how sad it is when you had your heart set on owning something and it just didnt work out. what a small, seemingly insignificant event- but the sadness, the...
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whirlwind of emotions. blinding anger. worried sick. about annie. and art. and diane. and danny. and rick's girlfriend. so fucking angry. why does shit like this happen? why isnt there EVER a why? why was rick three hours from...
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you want a revolution? (yeah, yeah) 10/18/06
was just killing some time surfing the sailor jerry website. am just.. so upset. not looking forward to the life that i will lead. all the real "stuff" of life...
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patron saint of toilet plungers 9/25/06
the secretary of the honors department sent everyone in the program a forward entitled "mother theresa's prayer." just trying to spread the love, i'm sure. it bugged me. but nowadays...
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i want to love something that won't ever leave me.9/21/06
definitely not in kansas anymore.9/21/06


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