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he who has my love. 12/22/08
Who. Gives. A. Shit. Current mood: amused Can I just say how much I love the one that wears whiskers. His ick breath, those incandescent eyes and sharp freaking...
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law and order. 12/20/08
i\'m hot. and not like, owh! owh! but like, gruesome nobody wants to touch you because you look heated hot. my head hurts. it\'s been hurting for like a week...
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tantalizing misfortune. 12/19/08
the darkness slithers across my skin like a snake, just as silent and quick yet utterly unmistakable. flashing of inky light catch my attention, but only lasting long enough to...
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buffy can suck it. 12/18/08
i used to torture myself with \"buffy the vampire slayer\" just to get to the goods; angel, cordelia, wesley. i even grew to hate willow, with her wanton lesbianism and...
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i miss my friends. 12/17/08
by mere coincidence, i was forced to bring back an old screen name from aol. then by my own curiosity i began to rummage through things of nika, 04-05. and...
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