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Delphic (adj.) or Delphian; obscurely prophetic.
wishes 10/16/08
I wish time wasn't such a big deal. Time and timing absolutely are the bane of my existence. I'm trying to do my best. Trying. Trying to understand that...
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i dunno. 10/15/08
I want this relationship to work, I understand that timing is way wrong and I know she cares but just doesn't have TIME to care. It's bittersweet at best. *sigh*...
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ramblings from the love-struck kid. 10/11/08
I am absolutely falling/fallen. How is it that I have managed to completely miss her this whole time? Why was I not introduced to her sooner? I hesitate to use...
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ancient arts revived. 4/16/08
Why is it that home baking has lost it's foothold in the american kitchen? I'll think about that more. So on to the good stuff! So I still come to realize what...
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mischevious eyes 3/23/08
I was told I have mischievous eyes. What the hell is that supposed to mean?...
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caught on a thought 3/23/08
Why am I so caught up on the thought that she will talk to me? Why am waiting near my phone for her to text me? Will she ever talk...
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