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Back to Work 9/1/04
Today was my first day back at work. I work as a teacher's assistent at a private English school here in Italy. We were in meetings all morning,...
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what is love? 8/28/04
What is love? I wanted to see what people define love as. Leave a note and let me know your thoughts... *Stellina...
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longing for travel 8/25/04
I want to go to Denmark. I've never been there before, but I've heard good things about it. I'm ready to see a new place and to experience...
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Marry me..oh please! 8/22/04
Yeah, an African at my church asked me to marry him on Friday...No way. I didn't even know his name until Friday! Well, life has been moving along. I've...
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I'm getting old! 8/7/04
On the 1st i turned 19. This is my last year as a teeenager. What should I do? Any suggestions? Less than 3 weeks and I'll be back...
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I'm Back 7/15/04
I've been back in Italy for 2 months now. Up until a few weeks ago I was working 3 jobs. I was a teacher's assistent at an Enlgish...
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How about this one?4/8/04
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SE Asia trip3/22/04
what have I learned?12/9/03
MK time...rocked!12/2/03
Rather humerous I must say11/13/03
Italy in the cold11/6/03
spiritual formation paper10/25/03
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