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Site developmental log. All new features, bug discoveries/fixes, ideas, and feature-implementation progress things go here, for the world to see, and as a record of what things have been added to the site on what timeline. Glorious, isn't it?

Think of this as the developmental alter-ego of disillusioned.
Accept no imitations... 10/4/05
My, my, it's been awhile. I guess on one hand, it's nice that even with all the nasty code running this site, it's still stable and able to maintain itself...
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Wolf in Sheep's Clothing... 4/22/05
I was browsing the FireFox Extensions list when I found a neat little extension that lets you edit cookies. Now, when you choose "remember me," the site puts a cute little...
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Server Switches... 11/20/04
Well, we switched servers again. We're now running on a server that we actually own and pay for. How 'bout that? Meanwhile, I've noticed a couple of bugs, such...
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Why *not* to work on the database at 3 am while sick... 11/10/04
So I was toying with a site I made for classmates to express their distaste for one of my professors (I've received enough emails that it made sense to just...
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Server Hopping... 11/9/04
So the time has finally come where Matt drops the server support for both his servers. Truth be told, I don't know why he waited so long, but to...
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Small bug fixes... 10/3/04
Just a quick note that I've gone ahead and fixed a stupid problem that could easily be attributed to my bad SQL writing when I started the site. Thanks,...
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Listen in...9/19/04
Features on the way...8/12/04
Wordwrap in the ShoutBox!8/4/04
2.0: Not what you're expecting...7/6/04
Notes Archive Online...6/29/04
Manual Restoration...6/21/04
Now with... SPEED!!!6/20/04
Minor stuff and stuff...6/17/04
Server Switch Happenings Happiness...5/29/04
Private entries, not so much a misnomer...5/9/04
A New Design!5/6/04
Critical Mass, Attained4/24/04
More on 2.0 - Feedback requested!4/6/04
OIO 2.0 is coming...4/4/04
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