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About how special my boyfriend is, don't read if you are anti-love! 1/2/04
Hey there, I guess it’s been about a month since my last entry. Nothing much has changed since then, well, a little has changed. I have changed whole philosophy of...
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Yo, havn't written in months so here goes nothing... 11/30/03
I was really bored today with nothing to do when I remembered my journal on OIO that has been abandoned for quite some time now. I have nothing better to...
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I know, It's been awhile... 9/5/03
I’ve been a bit busy with school lately and keep blowing off posting but I decided that I don’t have anything better to do at the moment. Yeah, I got my...
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I need advise about driving test...Help! 8/9/03
Within the next few days I plan to apply for my driver learner’s permit or whatever its called. Ok, I’m just a tad nervous about the test. Some people have...
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ho hum, what a lazy day 8/2/03
(sigh) I hate being bored. I hate days like today where nothing gets accomplished and I don’t do anything. I always try to keep myself busy because I hate the...
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Hey 7/28/03
Hello again. Today had been just another day, with a bit of success I suppose. I finally got my hands on the book The Vampire Lestat. It is impossible to...
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Home again7/27/03
preparing for tourture7/22/03
nothing really going on...7/18/03
My first entry, kinda weird...7/13/03


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