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yup 2/6/06
i kick ass. ha! ...
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indeed 1/30/06
drinking heavily definately has it's negative effects. i've been in a cloud ever since the other night. perhaps a multivitamin and a good shot of wheatgrass would help.... nonetheless, wisest it be that...
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woot 1/23/06
not a ponzi. woot. big bucks. lotsa support. erin still rocks mucho. 21 today. first legally purchased beer w/ a free shot of J&B scotch at T O Sullivans. waitress was flirty...i was shy. that is...
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$$ 1/18/06
gonna make a bundle. might be a ponzi but i ain't scurred. i'm covering my losses. lovin' erin. mucho. asu rocks. oooooo how it rocks. nothin' else to say....
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oh my good LORD! 9/19/05
guess who's back, erra erra. long story short. been almost 9 and a half w/ erin. i wear a white gold ring she bought me, she wears a .5 carat diamond...
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so i shaved my hair into a mohawk. 3/25/05
well, i wouldn't exactly say shaved, but i got that groovy abercrombie mohawk look goin' now. fun stuff. got time for a good article? one that'll change ur life?...
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no use for a name.11/14/04
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