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see the thoughts of me, a melodramatic dreamer who see's her life so differently from what it is. She's a beautiful and successful actress. and she's happy. but sometimes, you have to wake up.
I was a prick 2/21/04
OK, so, it's been a while, and I read ym other entries..and I WAS A PRICK!!! lol. Seriously, I do hope I've grown up since them because some parts I...
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She Doesn't Understand 7/26/03
I am allways feeling horribly lonely. I know why, and I dont tell anyone about this. Skipping two grades and being in high-school at 12 isn't exactly the best experiance....
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To FrozNic 7/25/03
I would just like to comment on the fact that you said I was too young to understand love. I might be wrong, but I dont believe u have been...
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Second thoughts 7/25/03
Im not what you would call a 'beautiful" person. I mean, Im not ugly, but Im not beautiful. I guess aside from that fact, because I know Im not really...
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Love 7/21/03
I am in a long distance relationship. To tell the truth, and this is hard. Cuz im trying to hide it, well, our relationship kinda formed online. when he said...
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urrghh, "a little over excited" 7/20/03
Im such a gay wad, i wrote this extra long entry and now its all erased cuz by accident instead of closing a pop-up, i clicked on it. i came...
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I'm here, who knows?is that a good thing?7/19/03


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