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it's better than nothing. 8/1/03
i just read lost boys by orson scott card. that is easily one of the saddest, strangest books i've ever read. i need to go think about it....
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i'm gonna fight 'em off 7/31/03
today while shopping with beth, i heard a techno remix of the white stripes "seven nation army". it made me want to burn my ears off. why, jack, why?...
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and mary does not forget 7/29/03
a few years ago (i believe i was in eight grade) i started saving t-shirts that i loved but no longer fit me. the idea was to get enough to...
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only the end of the red 7/29/03
robert carmine = robert schwartzman. wow. i knew that robert carmine was jason schwartzman's brother, and i knew that robert schwartzman was jason's brother. i never put two and two together. i...
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so i threw you the obvious 7/28/03
got this in an e-mail today: to end any speculation, this is a perfect circle: -maynard james keenan -billy howerdel -josh freese -james iha -jeordie white one more reason to try to make it...
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blue skadoo, we can too 7/26/03
found this article in people magazine: steve bruns knows why you're here, and it's okay. in fact, he agrees with you. this is weird. for six years burns was sort of...
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