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There is some logic to what I say, sometimes.
The melancholy nightmare, with poor lighting. 1/25/07
My friends and I are gathered in a large room, a room more suited to a mansion than a college apartment. You’re going away? Where to? Carolina. You’re the one who...
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On Selling Shoes to Old People 1/14/07
It is your fault, Orhan, that I'm looking at myself like this. There are times when instead of focusing on the task at hand, my gaze falls like a weakly-shot arrow,...
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You are my secret faun, and I love you. 12/4/06
I told you that I wanted to declare my love, right there in that midtown Applebees You posed like a model, palms to cheeks, elbows on the table The others at the table coughed quietly The...
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In Love with Black-And-White Photos on Wikipedia 11/17/06
Don't make me fall in love with you Franz Kafka Tristan Tzara & others, whom I have barely begun to read Because your names sound like perfect shapes in my mouth When I...
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On the way to 6th Street 10/17/06
As I walked across campus this evening, two fraternity boys "ran me off the sidewalk." Walking right behind them was an old man, perhaps a professor. He stopped me. I...
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A First Draft's Poem. 9/19/06
I would cry “Butcher” in the streets except you might turn and look at me, your pepper-sausage eyes orbed over my recently grown pale complexion. The sirens lie sleeping in their beds You finger what...
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You know, if I had the time, I'd major in geophysics.8/4/06
Double-shot small iced latte, bitte.7/16/06
As you know, it is 1 a.m.6/3/06
Kafka and the whore.5/17/06
Rothko: Blue on Green4/26/06
3/3/06 Nightmare in which I played the role of secret agent.4/4/06
tuesday, sick.3/15/06
Another Titleless Poem (New Year's Eve)3/5/06
Rant # 1: My Commie Polish Textbook2/18/06
Eng 209: Here is poem #4 (titleless)2/9/06
The Condemned1/20/06
Department Store Nightmare12/30/05
Pane: 60 seconds12/13/05
Homeless: the aftermath11/27/05
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