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Secret plans, love and bitterness, creative writing, problems good and bad, friends and family....
hovering between black and white

faith. hope. optimism. doubt. fear. sarcasm.

Outside my window 1/21/11
It\'s a gorgeous day outside. From inside, I can see the peaks of the Catalina mountains. The mountainsides are just the tiniest tinge of green, fresh growth from...
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Marriage. 9/25/08
My wonderful partner Teri proposed to me a couple of months ago. We were married in Laguna Beach, California on August 22nd, 2008. It seems so simple and...
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"I don't wanna fill out my 'I'm sorry your animal's dead' cards." 11/12/07
That's what my vet just said. We're sitting in the doctor's office here at the clinic, all by ourselves and with all our work finished. Minus the sympathy...
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Thoughts in a stream 10/12/07
Do I really feel like writing right now? My fingers led me to this page so maybe my hands need something to do but my mind's not really into...
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Letter to a person who's covered in an old dusty sheet 9/16/07
Do you remember what it used to be like? Our lives? Our life? I do. Sometimes I forget though. It's Sunday night and I'm lonely. ...
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September 11 9/11/07
Over the years, this date has remained burned into our memories but it no longer hovers in the surface of my thoughts like it used to in the year 2001....
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a letter I'll never send3/10/06
Why don't I care more?3/7/06
There's nothing left to do but shrug, sadly.9/29/05
I'm going back to the start9/20/05
On my birthday, I...9/14/05
But its been no bed of roses8/29/05
It's that moment in life when you actually feel alive8/24/05
Christian Family + Girlfriend = Glad I Live 100 Miles Away8/11/05
People are more truthful in the dark8/10/05
Rain, rain, go away... come again another day...8/5/05
It's better to simply disregard this.8/1/05
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