part 2 of the tree
by Sliced Ice
(Everything Else, 1765 views) - 12/9/03
(recorded 12/9/03 @ 10:59:49 PM)
time has passed and the boy has outgrown the tree. outgrown the old ways that he once found comfortable. he grew, his tree didnt. who would have thought, what he once found safe and comfortable he now finds confiding and suffocating. with some help he was able to climb out of his tree and learn to walk on his own. although still cautious he can run and jump and play with the other children. occasionally he goes back and visits the old tree, his own home. sometimes it makes him sick to look at it. angry even. throwing rocks at it and breaking all the branches that he can. he knows that it does no good, but it makes him feel better. other times the sight of his old home makes him nostalgic. he even climbs in when he thinks no one is watching. quickly getting sick and wanting out once he enters. but he cant bring himself to cut the tree down completely. a part of him still wants to hold onto what he once thought was comfortable. he thinks that it will help remind him of the way things were, and how running with the other children is virtually painless. he keeps a part of the close still. nothing more than a couple leaves, but its still with him. a part of the old him still remains. he wont forget that part.... at least not yet. the tree has played its part in his life, but its no longer needed. there are new obstacles for him to pass. its time for him to move past times of recess and lunch time gossip. the little boy isnt so little anymore.... but he isnt grown yet. not ready to give up all of his old ways and take on the world.
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*hands Slicèd Icê a string of christmas lights*

Keep the tree, it's part of you.

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