relationship terms as translated by a friend and I
by amnesiac
(Matters of the Heart, 1991 views) - 7/10/03
(recorded 7/10/03 @ 9:10:22 PM)
Dating terms are open to interpretation, however lately it seems like the stories I hear from my friends revolve around miscommunications about what certain terms involve, so this is a poor attempt to spare anyone further stress in already stressful relationships. brought to you with the help of an old friend.

Commitment - a common fear, however a desired outcome. it is a mutual agreement to stay loyal and true to your significant other. some prescribe to the "look, don't touch" philosophy in regards to attractive individuals outside the relationship. commitment is best achieved by a mutual consent between both parties involved.
Date - an occasion, often in the evening, where a couple goes somewhere together. girls, it is probably a date if the guy offers to pay. guys, it is probably a date if the girl looks like she spent more than five minutes getting ready.
Dating - the title given to a couple that has been on more than one date and plans to go on more dates. the couple may or may not be exclusive. see "exclusive".
Exclusive – the label for a couple that has decided to date only each other. it is recommended that the issue be discussed if it is an issue for either party.
Friends with benefits - two consenting individuals that choose to remain friends on an emotional level, while enjoying the benefits of a more physical relationship.
Going out - the label for a couple in which one person has asked the other if they would like to "go out" or make their relationship exclusive, which implies commitment.
Hanging out - an innocent phrase when said normally, however "hanging out" may be a euphemism for a more active evening.
Hooking up - a phrase my mother never wants to hear me use because she thinks it is another way of saying oral sex. mom, despite what seventeen says, that’s not quite right. it may be a form of physical or sexual activity, but not always. a guy or girl might say they would like to "hook up" with another person and they mean that they would like to date.
Mutual - an adjective that should be used to describe most agreements made after a discussion of a relationship-related issue or a change in relationship status.
Seeing each other – is a term for a couple that has dated, but not discussed the relationship further. this term is used as a answer for curious friends asking about the guy or girl you hung out with the other night.
Together – the label for a couple that spends time together, most often without commitment or exclusiveness. similar to dating, but less formal.

Feel free to post your additions and corrections to this list; it’s for the common good ;) and for your own good, don’t get caught up in the labeling of a relationship, that’s not what it’s about.
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If only I dated then these terms would be useful to me. Sadly they aren't.

I'm saddened.


::thinks about dates that never happened and does not forsee any happening::


   [Diffused (J) 7/11/03 12:51 PM]

Could Be worse, You could be dating yourself. Or EVEN WORSE you could be like me, of dating YOUR MOM. BURN!

   [Ziabatsu (J) 7/11/03 9:39 PM]

lol, thanks for the reference.

   [TCcookie (J) 7/19/03 6:13 PM]

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