Are you hanging on for hope?
by disillusioned
(Deep Thoughts, 1993 views) - 8/25/03
(recorded 8/25/03 @ 10:02:38 PM)
"I see you've got this thing called "hope." It's cute, but it hurts more than it helps. You're better off learning to roll with the punches and accept the graceness that comes to you." -pint

Why haven't I learned this yet? We all have hopes and dreams. Aspirations for something better that will come of all of "this".

"Maybe, just maybe, *this* will happen, just like *this*..."

No matter how unlikely that really is, we all at some time use it to rationalize our progression through whatever it is that's dragging us down at the time. We hang on for hope, and hope for something that wouldn't be any more likely to happen, no matter how many stars you wished upon...

It's an interesting element of the human condition. This foolish (as some would call it- it could also be attributed to a basic survivalist, this-is-what-needs-to-be-done-to-prevent-insanity instinct) optimism we have almost seems required in some cases to move on. And why shouldn't it? There would be a vastly greater number of suicides, I fear, if we all didn't have some silver lining on whatever cloud it was, daring to darken our day, our ideas of a perfect existence. The funny thing is, it works.

More often than not, that optimism- the feeling that it'd "all be okay in the long run" isn't just what allows us to move past a particularly depressing stage in our life- it's often the self-fulfillment of that exact optimism that truly completes the transition.

And yet, those optimistic, wish-upon-a-star feelings aren't the ones that are usually fulfilled... Sure things end up "for the better", but they're not the way you would've dreamed and hoped and wished for months ago, when you were hurting and thinking that all was lost.

Temporaryism is what allows us to continue through these times. We all have different ways of getting past a particular rough spot- some are far more graceful than others, and the degree to which this is completed depends oftentimes on the level of emotional commitment and attachment dedicated to the subject matter at hand- that is, usually the object that just died, broke your heart, or ripped apart your sky, full of stars to wish upon.

And yet, wishful thinking- that "maybe, just maybe" sense we get- it's what helps us move out of the rut and continue with our lives... So while something seems so stupid and superficial as hoping for something, maybe it's just what we all really need...

Inspired partially by, Hanging On For Hope by The New Amsterdams, partially by other things.
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without hope or aspirations, what's the point in living?

   [noprotein (J :: M) 8/25/03 10:58 PM]

I suppose there isn't any. But so often, these hopes are nothing in the grand scheme of things, and never come to fruition... They're just figureheads for the light at the end of the tunnel- whatever it is that keeps you going...

   [disillusioned (J :: M) 8/25/03 10:59 PM]

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