Too little, too late...
by disillusioned
(Person, 1901 views) - 1/8/04
(recorded 1/8/04 @ 8:29:28 PM)
She stepped off the bus. Leapt from it, more, raising a small cloud of dust around her sneakers, further instigated as she continued her walk towards where I was standing.
As she came closer, I could see fresh tears on her cheek. Startling, this fact, because before her eyes had found their way to where I was standing, I could've sworn there was a smile gleaming from her lips.
With her drawing closer, still, I saw something I wasn't at all prepared for. In those tears, I could see what appeared to be a stark reflection of myself. Distorted so slightly, my mouth tracing the words "I'm sorry". I hated the image. I hated the tears. I hated my reflection.

Looking deeper still, I realized the pain, anguish, and further tears I had been the cause of, and I swallowed hard at the sight of each new droplet.

I woke up and wasn't sure what to think. I felt something in the pit of my stomach; a questioning of my earlier beliefs, a questioning of my actions... I laid there for a few minutes, trying to piece the puzzle of my dream together. All at once, so many memories came flooding back to me- a barrage, a tidal wave of emotion- a "life-(with-her)-flashing-before-my-eyes" moment that nothing could have prepared me for. And it all ended with those tears, still streaming down her cheek.

Peering even deeper into that reflection, I saw something else... Tears, forming in the corners of my *own* eyes. Tears that were months coming, finally manifesting themselves in the least spectacular of occasions. Tears that were too little too late.
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