I saw that look...
by disillusioned
(Oneiric, 1929 views) - 3/20/04
(recorded 3/20/04 @ 1:01:38 PM)
We walked down a freeway. It wasn't nearly as desolate as you would think, being in a desert, but it wasn't the busiest freeway you could imagine, either. We didn't have a car, so we'd hop from flatbed truck to flatbed truck- like human Froggers, hoping not to get squished.

I was trying to tell you a story, but you'd always be one hop ahead of me. That's alright, it was worth it.

When we got back, there was you in your class. With a few of my friends. Even that seemed normal. I lingered around for a few minutes, but then I realized I had to go. One of my friends offered to walk me out, but you stopped them, insisting you would do just that. I think it's because you wanted to kiss me goodnight. No, I know it's because you wanted to kiss me goodnight.

So we started to leave the room, when one of my other friends, who hadn't caught the hint, decided to follow us. "I was planning on getting something from out there anyway, and just didn't want to go alone", he said. I could see something like a look of disappointment in your eyes, and I could only tell that it was mirroring my own.

We still walked, with him in tow, and I felt your arm brush against mine every so often, in a subtle reminder of the reason you wanted to follow. He ducked into another room for a moment, but we didn't take the opportunity to kiss. I saw the look in your eye that you give me when you kiss me, and that was good enough.

I saw that look, and everything was alright.
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