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by disillusioned
(Person, 1860 views) - 3/23/04
(recorded 3/23/04 @ 8:29:14 PM)
Yes, here it is. The obligatory Phil-birthday musing. (A side note: the word "obligatory" sounds best if only said in a Strongbadesque voice)

Happy Birthday, man! You're like... 19. That's like... ridiculous! I've known you since you were... like... um... like...12? Or something.

You know that you're missed, even if we don't always get every moment of the day to tell you. I still have no one who can Oakenfold it up with me, and that's depressing as anything.

I also miss the walks. It's funny, in a way, because I remember Junior or Senior year when we'd walk around Gilbert and you'd express your concern for everyone going their separate ways. And I guess I didn't quite grasp it then, but it really seemed to kill you. The idea, I mean. Back then, we couldn't have forseen your having to leave and move on, but now I can only guess how much of an adjustment it is for you.

I know that's not the most chipper of paragraphs, but it comes with a nice uptwist: You'll be back. We'll still be here. We'll always be here. Things will shift and move and all that, but the great thing is it's not as if any of us are ever more than a phone call or an email or an IM away from each other. Regardless, you should really know the impact you made on a lot of us. Even if it's not the most apparent thing in the world to you, way over there in Pennsylvania.

It's your birthday, and I know this is a bit late, but I hope you've been enjoying yourself. At the very least, know that we'd all like to be able to help you celebrate, by playing copious amounts of Barrel of Monkey games and the like, or whatever. There have been so many birthdays between all of us, and some really great times. Regardless, know that we *do* miss you, and all wish you the happiest time on your day.

Keep up the solid work- it's great to hear about how awesome things are going for you, even if they're not without their lonely, boring times. Such is life, and everything will work out for you. You know that already, though.

Enjoy, good buddy. Today is your day.

Your friend, always,
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