When I feel like this, I tend to write poorly...
by disillusioned
(Matters of the Heart, 1849 views) - 6/15/04
(recorded 6/15/04 @ 1:20:25 AM)
Do I just feel as if my eyes glow a little bit brighter? Is it selfish of me to see that white ball of light gleaming from inside of me when I look in the mirror? What do you call it, when you feel something inside of you, begging to get out? Instead, it becomes patently obvious that it's not wanting to leave you; instead, it wants to simply drive you closer to someone else.

I think one of our greatest abilities as people is for our emotions to transcend the mental and break into the physical realm. Where you can *feel* someone's abscence. Absolutely feel it. And loathe it.

There are times when all I can do is wonder how one person could cause someone to feel so at a loss, in the most physical sense.
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I know how that feels. That ache at the very core of your soul for someone who is absent... it is one of the most rewarding and depressing of emotions.

   [Wildfire (J :: M) 6/29/04 6:17 PM]

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