Soup Secrets
by disillusioned
(Everything Else, 1880 views) - 2/5/05
(recorded 2/5/05 @ 2:40:18 AM)

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Taste this. I wrote it. Not enough salt? Hmm. Stir it more. There ya go.
When you cook something like this for someone, it takes on a different form. It's no longer just a recipe you're hoping will turn out right- it's a mission. It's a bisque with purpose. Every ingredient, you hope beyond hope, will blend that perfect way, and you hope they'll see it for themselves- they'll taste the saffron and the pepper and the nutmeg and also that other spice- I can't remember its name, but you would.

It has to be the right temperature. Too hot, and that will be the one detail they latch on to. Too much pepper and the same will happen. But if you get it just right, there won't be any natural way to describe it. They'll try their absolute hardest- they really will. And they'll blush like crazy when they stammer out what words they can find to convey it to a friend. If it's a good enough friend, they'll just laugh with you and understand.

The flavors will blend together and just rise up to burn this image, this imprint, this scent in your mind. It'll leave you a d d i c t e d and craving more of it. It'll be the best thing that you've ever tasted, and you'll think back to it always. It'll be your baseline.

The execution is everything. There can be every component, every ingredient for the perfect batch, and it might taste thrilling, (spectacular even,) at first- but unless every ounce of fate and luck and mystery has made it in there as well, it won't be the same. This is the sort of dish that must be touched by God himself or all you'll be left with is an empty bowl and a curious aftertaste.

No, the best soup, you'll remember a certain way.

You can tell if it was that sort of specialty because even months after you enjoyed it, you still long for it, made by the same chef in all their culinary prowess, savored like nothing else.

Just... remember how it tastes...

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