The Lazy Saturday
by disillusioned
(Everything Else, 1892 views) - 11/4/05
(recorded 11/4/05 @ 9:50:43 PM)
Have you ever forced yourself to sleep so that tomorrow could come sooner, and you could move past today? I have.

There are times where I'll get (perhaps?) uncharacteristically anxious and it's a good thing I don't talk to anyone during these times, lest they see just how crazy I really am. But it makes it hard for me to focus on other things, and I find that I'm better off just going to bed and seeing what comes of tomorrow.

Today, I woke up at 10am. When you wake up that "early," it'd be nice if the entire day wasn't just one long drag. Not exactly negative, but just nothing productive really. I ran some errands, moved some monies, got a prescription filled, and all that trivial stuff... But today just did whatever it could *not* to stand out to me. It felt like a lazy Saturday, with a limp.

Maybe things will turn up a bit this weekend?
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