The most important thing...
by disillusioned
(Everything Else, 1811 views) - 3/28/06
(recorded 3/28/06 @ 6:47:12 AM)
I love the smell of breakfast.

This won't surprise many of you.

I like the feeling of people, up and more active than I am, hustling off to their commitments, able to grab what little they think will get them to lunch.

I love the eggs and the pancakes, waffles and hash browns, coffee and oatmeal and the smell of bacon.

It makes me think of Michigan, and coming downstairs, still sleepy, to a kitchen full of more family members than I could possibly count, waiting for what my grandfather calls "fresh-squoshed" orange juice. Seriously.

It makes me think of Taiwan, and how curious I found it that every single hotel we stayed in (and there were four) served a hot breakfast, no matter their size, no matter the cost. And the fare was somewhat Taiwanese, but the manager's wife, of the first, smallest hotel—she offered to cook us an egg, which we promptly put on some tasty Taiwanese toast. (It's the same as regular toast. But it's toasted in Taiwan.)

It makes me think of The Pantry. Never closed, never without a customer, since 1918, or so. It was in the early morning, and we were on our way to E3, but they have has browns. Or home country potatoes. And you don't get to eat much when you're bouncing around an expo show floor and writing in all your free time, so that's that.

And I think of that truck stop we used to hit, on our way to Michigan.

And the tons of other diners I used to visit in Jersey. You could order breakfast at any time of the day, and they'd love to prepare it for you. With extra butter, no matter what you ordered.

It's 7:00 am, and I'll just sit for a few moments, before drifting to sleep in bed, contemplating such a silly thing as breakfast.
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