Off the beaten path...
by disillusioned
(Music, 1940 views) - 8/19/06
(recorded 8/19/06 @ 4:31:45 PM)
Anyone with an ear around me has heard me blabbing about Rhapsody. It's a subscription-based music service, which for $10/month, allows you to download an unlimited amount of music, and play it at your leisure. (It's $15 a month if you're transferring the songs to an MP3 player. And iPods aren't supported, thanks Apple.)

Anyway, I've found when combined with free, awesome service Pandora, they make a powerful team. Pandora will take your favorite bands and find other stuff it thinks you like. It's surprisingly good at it. So, I'll find something tasty on Pandora, open up Rhapsody, and BAM, I have every album the band ever recorded.

This has given me the fortunate problem of tons of amazing, not-at-all-mainstream music I would NEVER find under any other circumstances.

Lately, about nine tracks have been kicking it hard with me, and Rhapsody lets y'all listen to 25 tracks free every month. So waste nine right here. They're worth it. (Rhapsody will ask you to download a quick plugin, but it's nothing nasty like RealPlayer or anything. You tell Firefox to allow it, and it's done.)

1. Waste Another Day - Griffin House
2. Amen Omen - Ben Harper
3. Serial Mess - Loquat
4. Bonnie Brae - The Twilight Singers
5. All My Little Words - The Magnetic Fields
6. Eres - Cafe Tacuba
7. Glorious - The Working Title

(The other two are hiding.)
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