The faintest whisper...
by disillusioned
(Deep Thoughts, 3998 views) - 3/17/09
(recorded 3/17/09 @ 5:49:07 AM)
I once heard the faintest whisper, and time stood still but for a moment. The world spinning, and I, motionless on its marbled surface, clouds swirling overhead, forming their own complex thoughts. The whisper faded until all that remained was the tortured buzz; the most fiery silence I would ever feel.

No breath to take, my mind trembled as the clouds continued their ornate march across the azure canvas, mocking in their expressive forms. For but the briefest moment, my eyes widened, a piercing light shone in, the inner maelstrom once guarded by their steely gray now plainly visible for all to see. In an instant, all became clear, the puzzle complete, the pieces fit, wind rushed through my lungs, contrite understanding washed over me, burning while I tried desperately to hold onto even the smallest thread, the unfocused memory, the incomplete form of the simplest of solutions.

I find myself instead surrounded by inky blackness and the faintest whisper; the quiet impression that I had known totality but for the blink of an eye. A warmth washes over me, instantly eclipsed with an aching cold that burns with the knowledge of a paradise lost, an unending search to find it again.
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