The Trigger
by disillusioned
(Poetry/Lyrics, 1975 views) - 6/5/03
(recorded 6/5/03 @ 11:30:44 AM)
i grasp something dear
i refuse to let go
my dreams i hold sacred
though i'll never know
satisfaction eludes me
the desolation sinks in
i run from this lacking
my patience runs thin
i don't know how to take it
all these things consume
i look for the answers
from this barren tomb
i feel the cold steel
rub against my dry lips
i pull back the hammer
the echoing click
and then i look up
and i realize
that nothing is truth
it's nothing but lies
what's left to all this
why shouldn't i die?
when everyone left
has turned a blind eye
i squeeze slowly the black curve
for why should i fight?
for a second, hold back
close-eyed, i pull tight
another soul lost
so few people shaken
our own selves to blame
now who have we forsaken?

--Chris Cardinal, originally authored March 30th, 2002
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