Ring once more, once more...
by disillusioned
(Drama, 1697 views) - 6/2/03
(recorded 6/2/03 @ 3:50:02 AM)
Today, at 11:47 am, the bell rang. I know it did, I heard its resounding 'ping' through the loud speaker in our classroom. This was most likely the 8,000th or 9,000th time I've heard that bell, or a derivative thereof, ring in such a fashion, indicating the time had come to transition classes. Except that today, I found myself with no class to transition into. I met with my usual group of friends outside of the classroom, and we went our separate ways home, as usual. What wasn't usual was that this was the last time I would ever hear that bell, and look to it for guidance and direction, of sorts. And while something as trivial as a simple bell ringing doesn't seem like much, it stirred my soul, as it its final notes found themselves absorbed into our ears and the walls, as I realized where my life had taken me. I was no longer a student of secondary education, and would soon become one of the 36,000 some-odd undergraduates at our nearby state university.

As I walked through the building, I glanced at the walls. Millions, millions of memories had been created there, memories all thought would never die, while more and more fade with each breath of every student kept there. And millions more will come, and fade. I thought about the times I spent with my friends, the epitome of temporaryism, as I made a joke today in my 4th-hour, and everyone laughed. In that epiphanic instant, I realized that exact moment we'd never have again, and most would forget by the end of the day. And while school has been filled with turmoil, excessive work loads, stress, and eventually an incredible amount of apathy, its been an incredible ride. I wouldn't trade my past four years with my friends, the jokes we've shared, the experiences we've lived through, the hours upon hours spent laughing and just enjoying life, no matter what cause we had to be upset or depressed about something.

I will never forget these times, we've spent, or at least, I will try my very hardest to preserve them as best I can. They have helped shaped the person I am, the person I'm becoming. I've come away with one simple piece of wisdom- true friends, and strong friendships are the most important part about living your life. This should supercede your drive to "do better" in school, in your job, or in most anything else. Your friends need to matter most. Because, what's life, if you have no one else to live it with?

I hope you'll take this away, as well.

Originally published on May 20th, 2003
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