Of cold thunderstorms, and hot cocoa...
by disillusioned
(Poetry/Lyrics, 2505 views) - 7/3/03
(recorded 7/3/03 @ 1:50:54 PM)
the rain blows, into the window pane;
with every roll of thunder,
I grip you tighter

under this blanket, we sit
enjoying our cocoa, enjoying ourselves;
light music plays slowly on the radio
and I look at you and smile

your smile back,
the fireplace glows,
the embers burn
as I turn to you,
and gently kiss your cheek

your feet press against
my bare leg,
and you giggle
as I shiver;
but only for a moment, and you pull me closer

you lie there with me,
sleeping so quietly
and I watch you,
breathe softly,
breathe sweetly

the thunder strikes,
and we awake;
stirred at first,
but comforted there,
in each other's arms

I realize I had been dreaming,
dreaming sweetly,
so simply,
of the moments with you to come

the rains falls,
and I draw in a breath
thank God for this moment,
you make them worth living

that you're in my arms,
and that I make you feel safe,
and that you shiver, ever so slightly
just as our eyes meet

that this moment could end,
that the rain could stop,
and that you could awake,
that it could all cease

to let go of these memories,
to believe this won't ever happen;
to say the word 'never',
to stop myself from dreaming

that it's out of my hands,
that these things *will* work out
that time can only tell,
that I've loved every moment I could

that I'll cherish every moment to come,
that when the rain falls,
I'll always be there for you,
arm around you,
sipping cocoa by the fire...

This piece is sadly fictional, but a dream and a vision of happiness, at least as I see it, somewhere down the road, with someone...
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*cough* wet dream *cough*
J/K. it's nicely written, english teachers would say repetitive, but what the fuck do they know anyways?

Good work. You write poetry better than I thought.

   [Lux (J) 7/3/03 4:49 PM]

*disillusioned is slightly curious as to the level of quality of writing you assumed I met in my writing...

Also, I think the entirety of the OIO community, and the rest of the western world would be well-to-do if we never had to *think* of you in *any* type of dream, lest you tell us any more about your "wet" ones. Please, keep those nocturnal adventures to yourself.

   [disillusioned (J :: M) 7/3/03 4:52 PM]

Lux wtf? Repetitve? Dude, my AWARD winning poetry piece was more repetitve than that and I got first place in the district contest! That's more recognition for my creativity than you'll ever see for your lack of it biatch!

   [Diffused (J) 7/3/03 10:05 PM]

anyone can write repetitive shiznit... a 1st place prize only means some middle aged white guy likes you... how does that make you feel now?

o. and the fact that you brag about a district contest as if it was something special is rather disturbing. i had an honorable mention in 6th grade... and yes... it was a repetitive poem.

   [Lux (J) 7/6/03 10:18 PM]

lol, those comments made me stupid :). nice write btw.

i could picture the fire place glowing with an imaginary mistress laying in my arms. the glowing embers warming the air as wishes fluttered the air of never ending moments together.

how real could this be? i don't know, haven't quite had this exact thing happen. does it sound very much worth it no-matter the price? indeed it does. hope to see more in the future ^.^ - Froz

   [FrozNic (J) 7/14/03 3:26 AM]

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