The dreams in which I'm dying are the very best I've had...
by disillusioned
(Deep Thoughts, 2524 views) - 7/12/03
(recorded 7/12/03 @ 3:13:56 AM)
From my dreams, I'm not sure of what to derive. I dream vivid, long, effectual dreams. People I know and people I love tend to play a part in them. For the most part, I don't have bad dreams. Not in the traditional "there's-a-monster-chasing-me-help" sense. All of my dreams seem to involve real world experiences, with real world settings and real world people.
I don't dream of flying anymore. I don't dream of falling off buildings, only to find myself face-down in my floor to the side of bed. I wonder what type of person I've become where I can't even allow myself to enjoy the whimsies of a dream world to their fullest...

I dream happy dreams. My happy dreams are usually the ones in which I "get the girl" or some such. Dreams in which I kiss a girl, or even something as simple as hold a girl's hand, sappy as it sounds, are the dreams I enjoy the most. Maybe it's because it's something I just can't have outside of dreams presently, and because I miss it so. *sigh*

The dreams in which I'm dying are the very best I've had

That line is from the Tears for Fears song Mad World (later covered by Gary Jules for Donnie Darko). And it made me think. What could make a dream in which you die be the best you've had? Then it clicked. It was simply the act of doing something and experiencing it fully, even in a dream, that you wouldn't under normal circumstances, be able to experience.

I suppose its the ability to fulfill our deepest, truest desires that make our dreams so expressive and unique, albeit frightening at times- we like to scare ourselves just as much as we like bringing unusual (or unavailable) forms of pleasure to ourselves... Well, maybe a little less.

I wish I enjoyed my dreams more consistently... that I could have those dreams that bring me more happiness than those which leave me confused or frustrated.

I know those things of which I dream of, and how badly I desire them. Dreams are a funny thing, for sometimes I believe they're the only place you can see your wishes come true...
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Thanks Dis,

I'm not sure how coherent this musing repsonse to your musing will be but I hope it is something worthy of being a response to this fantastic piece you wrote for us. I may have to go back over it in a few hours after I am more awake.

   [Chillax (J) 7/12/03 3:53 AM]

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