"Depressing News" --or-- "SFO2"
by enlite
(Place, 2216 views) - 12/9/04
(recorded 12/9/04 @ 4:05:04 PM)
AdamMeredith and I met Adam at the airport on Friday afternoon and he took us to his new apartment on Eddy and Fillmore. It was the place that he and I had looked at last time I visited him. The place was nice, good size and whatnot, but the furnishings were somewhat lacking. I guess I shouldn't complain -- if I spent $1800 on a two-bedroom apartment I probably wouldn't have a lot of furniture yet either. So since you're thinking about it, Adam works at the W Hotel and makes about $1500 each week.

Us at Twin PeaksI know. That's more than I make or spend in a month.

We ate dinner at a cute Italian place called The Last Supper Club. (Chianti and pasta)++. We walked around downtown and Castro and showed Meredith the more exciting of the stores. When we got home Meredith slept on the floor and Adam and I took to the bed. We fell asleep to that movie with bruce willis and that hick guy as bank robbers. Nothing important.

Cute guy at Bart StationOn Saturday Meredith and I took the BART up north to Concord, and then a cab to Valley View Middle School. Seeing as the cabbie was new and didn't know his way around, we were fifteen minutes and twenty dollars late to the audition. Luckily, we only missed the introductory "welcome, here's the plan" speech, which we've both heard before.

I was third to audition and Meredith was fourth. I choked because Mike Nevin threw me a curve ball: he wanted to hear two-octave scales and two- and four-mallet arpeggios in all twelve keys. Which is fine, except he wanted them fast and I hadn't even thought to prepare for that. Oops. I also played two warm ups from his packet and my solo (the one that I'm writing); those turned out well. Meredith and I were kind of depressed about our performance so we left for lunch immediately.

We walked to the mall and choked down the Christmas spirit hanging from every possible hook and nail, pouring out of cheap speakers, and plastered over every store's previously-respectable displays. Our lunch break took three hours. And somehow we still weren't coming back.

After the break we all played as a group, we auditioners. Mike had us go through the warm up packet and play a lot of things individually. I did great on all of my "solos" and he even used Meredith and me as an example. Twice. Insert cheesy grin.

After the audition we went back to San Francisco and picked up Adam's keys from his work. We got lost due to bad directions and ended up in some slum with scary homeless people who smelled like pee.

Our plan was to get completely trashed that night, but Meredith fell asleep as soon as we got back to the apartment. When Adam came home we made bagel bites and daiquiris and watched Pocahontas and Emeril Live. Television in San Francisco is no better than it is here, although the Japanese and Chinese channels are a welcome change from the Spanish knock-offs we have. 2223 Restaurant

On Sunday we ate breakfast (at noon) at 2223. Good french toast. Oh my god, good french toast. All of the food on this trip was amazingly good and equally expensive (so if some of you don't get Christmas presents just know that your happiness was sacrificed for ultimate cuisine). Adam took us to the Bart station and we had a dramatic goodbye complete with never-going-to-see-you-again music provided by Homeless Man with Accordion from stage left.

Now that I'm home I realize how much I'd missed Adam since the last time I saw him (the last San Francisco musing), and how much I hope to see him more. I'm flying back out in January for my birthday (he's getting me a room in his hotel). Oh, and to go to the next BD camp... because I got a call back and that means I'm one step closer to my dream.
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