Exit Tree, Enter Boy
by Sliced Ice
(Matters of the Heart, 1657 views) - 3/6/04
(recorded 3/6/04 @ 12:19:29 PM)
The boy has left all together he can now walk on his own. he sees the opportunity to return into the tree but he knows that he doesnt belong in it. not anymore. Now his tie to the tree has been broken entirely. his tie to the person who helped him out of the tree seems to have shattered. Now he has learned to walk on his own. at least he is trying to walk now. The isolation in the tree will never be enough for him anymore. he has tasted freedom and happiness along with hurt and frustration. He is not strong enough to run and jump with the others, but he is able to get back up once he falls. he knows what its like to walk and see the sky, feel the wind, lay in the grass. The tree will never be enough for him anymore. the taste of freedom and happiness was too sweet, the shelter of the tree pales in comparison.

Now stumbling to regain his footing, the boy hurts but he knows that he must stand and keep going. He could never be happy back in the tree. His friends are there for his support. even though they dont understand completely they are there to help the boy. They do the best they can to make him feel better. be it by insults, or compassion, or just a quiet understanding, they all do their part to help. soon the boy will be strong enough to help others. He will make it through this because he has to. he has to pass his knowledge and understanding on to another. So other boys out there will be able to break their ties to their trees. So they wont be sheltered as long as he was, so they will be able to experience all of the good things the world has to offer, along with all the pain.

The tree did its job when the boy was that boy, the one who is easy to use. the one who is great for a fling or a rebound. the tree couldnt have played its role better. The boy was never really happy with that role but he accepted it. he was getting more action/play than some of his peers (be it empty and fruitless, it was action). the boy didnt understand why the others couldnt do what he was doing. they had already broken their ties with their trees. they werent content to be that guy. The boy isnt content to be that guy anymore. he hates being that guy. its a fruitless tree. how can the boy live in a tree with no fruit. how can he grow and become stronger. all he can do is sit in the tree and atrophy, waiting for someone to come along and bring him a bit of food, just enough to keep him alive.

The boy is now looking for the closest park. to play with the other children. to learn their games, the games he hated so much because he could never play them. He is willing to learn now, admit that he doesnt know what he is doing, and start fresh and begin his growth. hopefully soon the boy will learn and grow enough to be a man, to grow enough to be the crutch for someone else while they learn to walk. That is what the boy wants to do, he wants to help others break their ties and teach them how to walk. he doesnt want people to have to stumble and fall as often as he did. He wants to make sure that they have someone there to help them when he had to learn on his own.
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*Narcissus thinks*

I like your Tree series.

   [Narcissus (J) 3/6/04 12:33 PM]

Does the boy want to come out and play?


   [enlite (J :: M) 3/6/04 8:38 PM]

I miss my tree =) but it is time for us all to shed them. Glad you're handling it well. Very nice entry my good man. Call me.

   [noprotein (J :: M) 3/7/04 1:09 PM]

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