Phil: A Birthday Gift
by Diffused
(Humor, 1675 views) - 3/24/04
(recorded 3/24/04 @ 2:11:58 PM)
I know it's a day behind, but what the hell you still deserve something, being the special guy that you are! Love baby love! All the fun times and stuff we've done and so forth and so on buuudy. Anyway here's to fun times!

And the long awaited junior creation that we strived so hard to do....

Love and your buuuudy,
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Haha! I almost thought that picture didn't exist!

That's totally awesome... Good times indeed.

   [disillusioned (J :: M) 3/24/04 5:33 PM]

the picture on top is from the flagstaff trip.

in zachs moms car (seen in picture) we found 2 pairs of panties in the arm rest (seen on chris and phils head) and some condoms (in phils hand) in the glove compartment. zach was driving and didnt know why i hijacked his camera until he saw the flash and looked in the rear view mirror.

good times, good times

   [Sliced Ice (J) 3/24/04 9:38 PM]

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