I love you.
by Wildfire
(Person, 1867 views) - 10/6/04
(recorded 10/6/04 @ 6:34:15 PM)
I love you. I love how my bed smells like you after you leave.

I think it's cute how hard you try to make it better for me; even though I tell you every time that it's still not better. I'm sure if I was looking into your eyes you would break the gaze and feel sorry, but I'm not looking in your eyes. You just pause, and you wrap your arms around my bare rib cage and you pull me closer to you, into your strong embrace. It's one place I feel truly safe, I could lay there forever.

The way you make me feel is indescribable. Just watching your eyes drift over my naked skin makes me tingle. You run your hands slowly up my hips, over my ribs, up the sides of my breasts, up to my collar bones and they curl around the back of my neck, and you pull my lips to yours.

I lower myself onto the bed beside you. It's dark in the room, except for the beams of moonlight that escape through the miniblinds. The white glow illuminates our glistening skin, and it drives you crazy.

You trace the tattoo on my hip lovingly, and it sends shivers up my spine. You sit up in bed and lean over my body; you start leaving little kisses on my collarbones, between my breasts, down the middle of my stomach, below my belly button... then you switch to my legs. My muscles are tensed and quivering, my skin feels like it's on fire and a moan escapes. I can see you smiling, you know how good it makes me feel.

I love you. I love how careful you are with me, like I might break if you aren't gentle with me. I love how I feel when I'm with you.

I know certain aspects of "us" aren't perfect. And it frustrates me, as I'm sure it does you. But I have faith that we'll figure it out, and someday, it will be perfect too - just like everything else.

I love you.

And when you're gone, I'll have the memories of you in my head and your scent in my bed.
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Hm. Sounds nice.

   [bondservant (J) 10/10/04 4:00 PM]

it is.

   [Wildfire (J :: M) 10/10/04 6:13 PM]

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