by noprotein
(Drama, 1790 views) - 10/2/03
(recorded 10/2/03 @ 1:31:02 AM)
  I'm noticing lately that the theme of OIO has become quite lamentable for everyone seems engulfed in tragedy and very dramatic woes. What's the deal people? Do you remember when we started this site and everyone was all positive? "school is going well and i'm excited" or "life's pretty good right about now" could be heard ringing through the site's essence but now all we have is despair. Perhaps not so much despair but at least slight melancholy. Everyone is unhappy somehow and the readings have become void of content. Where's the hype? Where's the love?
  Life is just FULL of great things yet the past month or so we've been focused on all that is wrong and unjust or how crappy we feel. I know journals and online "diaries" of sorts are for all modes of expression and getting out the bad stuff is best in writing but honestly people, once in a while let's hear a good story. Poems = sad, musings=depressed, journals=trouble. Somebody in our mixed up, now desolate of joy, world must be experiencing some form of goodness. If this is you, please do your part in the turnaround and conclusion to this sad period. I understand this post itself is not exactly a happy one, but i'm looking forward to a hopefully coming and well deserved change in the framework. If i'm way off in this thought, lemme know and i'll just accept the negative.

  (by the way, i realize not everyone is posting bad juju but on the whole, it seems that way)

  I'm not asking you to feign happiness, just look for the brightness at the end of whatever temporary tunnel you're in because there's always an ending. Plus we're so young yet so troubled somehow. It boggles my mind. So much to live for yet so ready to believe this is it. I say this because i miss reading good thoughts. All the posts lately have made me not want to read for nothing good lies within their cold and icey lines.
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Bravo noprotien for slapping collective melencholy butt. Its important to have a place to release your sad thoughts, but with out the happier side of your life our view of you is a little one sided. Not all poems have to be sad, some musings can be humorous, and happy journal entries are just as important as troubling ones.

   [Ziabatsu (J) 10/2/03 10:53 PM]

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