Canis, Can-I-Say Happy Birthday!?
by noprotein
(Person, 1815 views) - 3/3/04
(recorded 3/3/04 @ 11:36:17 PM)
Luke, my man! Look who up 'n turned 19. Damn homeboy, you is old. I'm talking almost 20 old. You pimp seƱor. We go back a ways. I remember thinking zach was the only one who lived nearby... then I find out a year or so later that your goofy ass lived right across the street... next to my ex girlfriend... down the road from our other good friend chris... and david and i guess Jim. Turns out we were all practically right next to each other.

You housed the first good sleepover if I'm correct in my remembering. The first "circle" sleepover. We first watched Brain Candy at your house man. MONKEY CUM!! We watched freakin Hackers. We had also our first ghetto lan if i'm correct? 9th grade maybe. We've drank RC, we've walked, we've talked, we've failed classes. I can remember waking up at your house one time with no one else there. That was funny.

Member when we all went over to wake you up and so I break in and it turns out I went in the wrong room hehe. Funny stuff indeed.

You were the only one to actually start a band up and you play a mean bass even when a string snaps. Oh yeah! No one else can appreciate good subs and civics like you amigo. I miss your pivot, easy going demenor, and hairbrushing antics. You're awesome Zeller.

Forever Z-Man...Have a spectacular b-day, wish I could B there.
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LUKE!!! ::arms spread::

Happy Birthday!!!! This time I will allow you to have a party without pushing it back because of my party....

Sorry bout those times. I think the best party I remember at your house was the Office Space one. That was awesome. Except for the porno thing...


Happy Birthday!


   [Diffused (J) 3/4/04 12:42 AM]

PORN IS BAD indeed... Good times, even greater confessions...

Luke, I don't need to say too much here... You've spent nearly more days at my house than at yours in the past few years, we've always been able to make each other laugh, and share an eerily similar group of likes and sense of humor: The perfect best friend.

To many more years, you know I'm here for you... Thanks for the good times, and even better that we've had few-if-none bad...

Happy Birthday, good friend!


First words I ever spoke to Luke: (Yes, even before "hello" or "my name is Chris")
Chris: "Do I look better with my hair up or down?"
Luke: "Well, down is such a Wednesday look"

Amazing, but the perfect sign that it was someone worth spending time with.

   [disillusioned (J :: M) 3/4/04 1:29 AM]

Just for purposes of clarification, the aforementioned "porn is bad" comments refered to another friend who was at my birthday looking at nasty bits on my computer a mere 15 feet away and a 60 degree twist of the head while we were all playing that South Park for the N64. I just read that and thought of how easily someone might think the wrong thing. :)

Man, it is quite an embarrassing experience to be sitting in the middle of the Hayden Library with everybody giving you an awkward stare after you laugh and snort really loudly when remembering "MONKEY CUM!!"

Thank you all for the post and the notes. I appreciate them very much. Good times, good times.

   [Canis (J) 3/4/04 10:02 AM]

happy bday day luke. the group is always better when your around with your own unique sense of humor.

   [Sliced Ice (J) 3/4/04 6:30 PM]

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