I wonder..
by noprotein
(Deep Thoughts, 1830 views) - 4/19/04
(recorded 4/19/04 @ 1:04:45 PM)
I am sticking to my chair in this moist hell they call summer. I need an escape, a balance, an equilibrium. I crack the window and feel the cool breeze upon my slightly dampened brow. I gaze at the tree that has just now caught my attention but somehow I've missed it all the other times. It is old and weary but strong, determined. It has seen a lot. Years of growing and nurturing the area in which my house resides. I wonder what secrets it holds. I wonder who has it hurt, who has it inspired? I wonder exactly how long since the day it came to be and emerged from this earth. I wonder how long I will be able to view its splendor from my across the way view. I wonder if it sheds its leaves in Winter and grows them back for summer and spring. It is a late bloomer in that regard but I see buds blossoming. I'm sure they will be magnificent. I wonder how many birds call it home. I wonder how many families have trimmed it's massive branches and watered its pure roots. I wonder of all the children who built houses and played for hours among the complicated structure. I wonder if I'm the only one who sees the beauty. The tree is truly awe-inspiring. I have ignored it in the past, but I shall never ignore it again...

(picture to accompany, damn camera)
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