may he go peacefully
by amnesiac
(Person, 1416 views) - 9/11/04
(recorded 9/11/04 @ 6:27:06 PM)
there's no easy way to put out that last flicker of hope. he's not dead in the strictest sense of the word, but if he were to be disconnected from the machines, he probably wouldn't make it. his body is still warm. it's been awhile, but they saw him blink. those that love him will take this as a sign of life.
for now he's in some sort of medical and moral limbo. his wife, left with the awful choice of keeping his heart beating or letting him go.
no one can say if he would ever come around again. no one can tell her that there is a right thing to do. no one can say for sure when it really ends. she'll be left to decide. and i can only pray that she has to strength to make it through this.
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today they let someone visit him. he blinked. she claims he could feel her touch his hand. i don't know.

   [amnesiac (J) 9/13/04 5:02 PM]

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