soundtrack of my life - track 1
by amnesiac
(Everything Else, 1680 views) - 6/29/03
(recorded 6/29/03 @ 2:54:32 PM)
Perhaps creating a soundtrack for my life isn’t a terrible idea. It seems that most of the vivid memories (there aren’t many of them) I have begin with a song of some type. Upon hearing these songs I am immediately transported back to some time and some place when that song was an integral part of a memory in the making. Here’s a guide, in pieces (so as to buy me more time before a real musing) and in no particular order…

It’s a Small World – this infamous song creates the backdrop for a trip to Disneyland that is otherwise forgotten. After discovering that the Small World ride was closed, my family and I decided to ride the teacups. My brother and I burst into song to make up for the closed ride that has always been my mom's favorite. We boarded our teacup...the memory of my mom spinning round and round is unforgettable, turning a slight shade of green and all the time smiling as if she enjoyed it.
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