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by amnesiac
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warning: this is a rant of sorts. this musing discusses a controversial issue that is a current hot topic. if you are an apathetic teenager (that probably applies to some of you...) stop reading now. and for the rest of you, don't take my word on any issue, because all I can talk about is what I think I know. or more accurately, how I wish things were. maybe my head is in the clouds...
The constant controversy surrounding the government’s attempt to right a history of wrongs against minorities is further evidence of our country’s seemingly slow progression towards “equality”. If laws worked the way they were intended to be, affirmative action may not be such a bad idea. If, and only if, those that did the hiring or the accepting at the numerous colleges, universities, and corporations based their decisions on a person’s qualifications first, rather than their ethnicity, affirmative action might just be an acceptable practice. Then, when equal applicants of different races were considered, the minority applicant would be chosen. Yet, affirmative action currently works backwards. The ethnicity first, ability second approach is unjust to those applicants that are qualified members of the current majority. Not only is this system unjust to qualified majority applicants, but also demeaning to qualified minority applicants. It is not the request of the minority to be favored by the system, merely to be considered and accepted when qualified. Perhaps the goal should be to present minorities with an equal opportunity at a younger age, rather than to wait and give them the opportunity when they have not been adequately prepared by their childhood educations. If everyone were given a fair chance from the beginning, affirmative action would be an unnecessary practice.
"Miss America, if you had one wish, what would it be?"
" peace."
and I'm done. for now.
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Then, when equal applicants of different races were considered, the minority applicant would be chosen.

Could you explain this better?

Because I don't like the way I'm seeing it

   [Ziabatsu (J) 7/7/03 6:10 PM]

Affirmative action was created to increase the numbers of women, the disabled, and minority groups that have been historically discriminated against. The idea was to not to allow preference for any particular group, but rather to insure that no group was excluded. When equal applicants, one a recognized minority, for example hispanic, one white or caucasian, apply for a job and they are equally qualified, the job would be given to the hispanic. The current use of this idea is often preferential to certain minority groups and results in the exclusion of the qualified majority. Read about the recent case of the University of Michigan, the idea of California's Racial Privacy Initiative, and historic cases such as the Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (1978).

   [amnesiac (J) 7/7/03 7:04 PM]

See the way I'm seeing it by that wording is you look at credentials first. Say for example Asian dude (me ;-) and you (white guy) have everything equal in terms of academics/extra cirrics and interviews and stuff, and the person deciding really can't choose then you look at race. Naturally this is still descrimination in any sense because race should never really be an issue at all when deciding anything but for now we're thinking everything is completely even with us and besides me being darker we're pretty much the same. So then you would choose the minority to give them an oppurtunity or whatnot. Instead of a completely underqualified minority getting ahead of you because you're white and he/she is not.

I'm not one for affirmative action, whoever is better should be chosen. I see the troubles in innercity schooling budgets as more of a problem as poverty then I do race, even though the majority of the poor are blacks/hispanics. It's not their fault, historically people of poor classes have difficulty gaining higher ranks because it's a continuation of a cycle. If whites were the majority poor, then we'd have more programs to help them out. But we live in a capitalist society and we all want to be rich so what you going to do?


   [Diffused (J) 7/7/03 10:25 PM]

I completely agree with wht you say, Amnesiac. I've been lightly ranting for a while whenever race came up that affirmative action should not be used in places of work but rather in places of schooling or other early educational programs. Even then, it should only be in place for 1-2 generations (should it be successful). We as a nation are trying to quick fix the problem by intervening in the workplace by giving jobs to less qualified applicants in the hope that their offspring will then become qualified applicants of the future. The problem with this is that we are giving jobs to people that can't handle them and we are riding on a hope and a dream that their kids will improve from this. Instead we need to provide better education for innercity children thereby creating qualified applicants in 10 or so years.
Great post, Amnesiac. Well worded.

   [Canis (J) 7/9/03 1:39 PM]

Affirmative action sucks... Hell, I'm asian and it's because i'm asian that it sux. You ever read college apps? You ever sign up for a college program for "Minorities"? note... Minorities... guess what? if you're oriental YOU AREN'T A MINORITY. damn us for being smart or diligent or just damn numerous, but we being a minority in the US get nothing out of affirmative action so i could really care less. tho i'll be damn pissed if a job i could have gotten was given to some guy who can't even speak english, much less write.

affirmative action is necessary however. the conservative establishment of white collars below white faces reigns supreme and it is progressive legislation such as affirmative action that has wrought change. however, it might be that once in awhile some life may be unjustly pushed over for another, the greater good is advancement of society. now, if you want to debate individual over society or vice versa with me, i'm up for a good time arguing

   [Lux (J) 7/10/03 2:24 PM]

I just want to know how you think. So haughty, so tactless.....

   [je_ne_sais_quoi (J) 7/14/03 12:36 AM]

that was to Lux by the way.....
but affirmative action is demeaning to me as a minority. i feel that as a creole woman i don't need to use stepping stools to get what i want for myself. i only need God, me, and mon bien-aime. so affirmative action should be obliterated...unless of course a couple of laws are reversed. affirmative action is the very reason i fill in "other" on the race question on all tests.

   [je_ne_sais_quoi (J) 7/14/03 12:40 AM]

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