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by noprotein
(Deep Thoughts, 1840 views) - 10/13/03
(recorded 10/13/03 @ 8:32:00 AM)
I woke up this morning on time then laid in bed for a bit pondering how i will pull my shit together especially for today (being midterm and essay due which i have neither prepared). I hopped into the shower, quite literally of course, and noticed how cold the water was. A slight chill went up my spine. I then grabbed my shampoo and started lathering and lathering until i could simply lather no more. I scrubbed, I rinsed, I repeated. Then came the body lotion. I shook my hair from side to side as the beads of water flew from my now cleansed cranium. "ohhhhhhhhhhh" i said as the lotion touched my skin. It was about this time that i realized i was enjoying this shower a bit too much like a Daniel Steal "woman novel". *scratch that*

Ok, so let's start over. I hopped in the shower and while i was doing my normal take 30 minutes and just contemplate something struck me. It was my swift kick in the ass. It was my fresh start. This shower today symbolized more than my triumphant stand to be sanitary, it symbolized rebirth, a ressurrection of a fire inside me which once burned bright (granted, it has been a while). This ignition set me off. Now i'm just about to head out to school with a new look on things. I'm going to do my best today, whip something together and then just clean/study when i get home. I feel good and a little Dave standup is in order for the ride there =)
~Cut and print~

P.S. I'm taking bets on how long it will take for me to drop this and revert back to previous ways. Gimme 2:1 odds hehe.
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I give you till tomorrow night. Sorry, bro, but you gotta get your act together and I don't know just how well you can pull it off on your own. Maybe my extra cruelty will spur you to greater efforts. Maybe not. Either way, it's good to see you actually trying though until you actually take out a Sunday to study for a test, you really haven't turned anything around. Good luck, hermano.

   [Lux (J) 10/13/03 11:57 AM]

Update: Today went well. Finished my paper and did well on my midterm. It was difficult but i knew most of the material, distracted perfectly for the rest, did my best and overall i'm happy. Now to try and get some work done...

   [noprotein (J :: M) 10/13/03 3:36 PM]

well, its 10:48 right now, and your in a movie. you have lost your ride somewhere and you have movies that are due back at midnight. if they arent back at midnight then you risk getting fired. on top of that, you rented a movie on my account that is also due back at midnight.

less than 12 hours.

come on bro, got to get and KEEP your shit together.

   [Sliced Ice (J) 10/13/03 8:50 PM]

I forgot to grab them on the way out. I was going to get chen. I wouldn't get fired for not having them. You couldn't go get them? I don't have a ride because of Chris/Zach. No one is to blame, because there is no problem. I wasn't complaining. Slipped my mind to grab them as i was going to get chen. However when the point comes to where i'm a) in a movie (b)away from gilbert area (c) unable to leave right away (d) stuck and a simple task could end the situation, fine that's my fault. No big deal. Oh wait, even has my keys to my car/ house and is near my house. He has been notified 2 hours before "the deadline" that i may not be able to make it and since he's right freakin there perhaps he could do me this ONE favor and just go inside, grab them and drop them off. Sounds easy enough? Apparently not. I suppose i ask so much from evan nowadays and since it's my fault i should simply suffer. Alas, tragedy strikes again. I figured friends could do that much. Take key, open door, take movies, drop off. I know it's my resonsability but since i'm obviously VERY unable to do so, I figured a "friend" could do this very minute thing. Not only would it have helped me out, it would have helped you (or so i thought at the time), it would have been something you could hold over my head, AND something i could do in the future. But instead of alllll that, with nothing better to do but go to work and try to save your own ass instead of just grabbing the goddamn movies, you deny me. Thanks a lot pal.
~Cut and print~

   [noprotein (J :: M) 10/13/03 11:16 PM]

Note to everyone: To solve this we had 2 solutions to a very tiny problem.

Solution 1: Evan grabs them from my house, lays a little guilt trip, says i owe him one, we're done.

Solution 2: Ask evan for an hour to drop them off and say how good it'd be to do it and please please do me a favor. Nope, get denied. Then argue with him to do it. Again, rejection. Then, I check every row in the movie theatre, miss the movie while doing so, miss the end for leaving early, piss off xac into taking me to chen's and then home, and overall causing a huge hassle not to mention cutting it extremely close to the midnight timeline.

Needless to say, solution 2 came to pass and once again a simple problem is blown up.
~Cut and print~

   [noprotein (J :: M) 10/13/03 11:20 PM]

if your dad wasnt at your house then i wouldnt have had a problem going over there to pick up the movies. personally i dont want to walk into your dads house uninvited. I dont feel like know your dad well enough to do that. hell, if i was even on a first name basis with the guy then i would have done it. considering that the only times that we have ever spoken consists solely of "hello, how are you doing." if the movies were sitting out side, or if your dad was awake, i wouldnt have thought twice about getting them. but because he was asleep, the house was locked, and i would be going in there uninvited and unannounced, i said no. if it was chirs, zach, chen, or luke i would have done/said the same thing. i am not about to walk into someone elses house while everyone is sleeping, especially when i dont really know the parents.

the issue wasnt doing you a favor. i dont have a problem helping you out. i do it all the time, and you help me out all the time. thats what friends do. friends dont freak out at each other when someone wont do something they arent comfortable with.

low blow bringing up the pride issue and getting kicked out of the house. that wasnt cool and it wasnt called for. and even lower asking what ive done for you, you should know better than anyone that i help your ass out when i can, and you do the same for me.

   [Sliced Ice (J) 10/14/03 9:37 AM]

Ok, dropped. I just figured you'd get over it. It's not that weird. My dad would honestly not care. Plus our parents expect us home late and not once has my dad got up after me coming in. I understand if ya didn't want to do it, just pissed because the alternative was so out of the way and more complicated. No biggie i guess.
~Cut and print~

   [noprotein (J :: M) 10/14/03 11:45 AM]

good, its dropped.

the hookah still needs to be broken in, eric couldnt come out cause he had to finish a paper for one of his classes.

   [Sliced Ice (J) 10/14/03 1:46 PM]

Good job Phil. I know just how those "moments of rebirth" are, and I hope that you can maintain your on-top-of-things-ness.

Nice job on the writing; quite entertaining.

   [TCcookie (J) 10/16/03 2:31 PM]

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