music makes the people come together
by amnesiac
(Music, 1400 views) - 10/27/03
(recorded 10/27/03 @ 2:31:49 PM)
while my itunes kicked out the beats of some of my favorite bands, I got to thinking my time would be better spent introducing others to some music I like. disclaimer: I am by no means a music critic. I know what I like and from what I understand, that should be enough. with that said, listen to this...

mana (sorry, I don't know how to put accents, but it's on the second A) - mexico's favorite spanish rock band is great even when I can't understand the lyrics. try angel de amor and vivir sin aire.

jump, little children - loved this band live. since the instruments are unusual, everyone but the drummer plays up front. the accordian, harmonica, cello, and toddler-sized pink guitar make for a fun sound. cathedrals and secrets are among my favorites.

the postal service - this electronic/indie rock music was pieced together courtesy of snail mail. you'll probably recognize death cab's ben gibbard. try "we will become silouhettes" for starters.

the sea and cake - it was the song "hotel tell" that got me hooked on this band. the jazzy vocals and electronic beats are soothing, yet fun.

that's all I feel like writing about for now. thanks to eddy for mana, scottie for jump, little children, and my little cousin for the last two bands. I could write a whole new musing about the people that introduce us to the music we love, but I won't because it took me a good hour comprised of five minute intervals between distractions to get this down.
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It's ManĂ¡ and how could you forget Howie Day?? I am by all means a music critic and i must say "pppplllthh". (that's the sound my tongue makes when i'm sticking out at you in case you were wondering). I've actually heard those other bands though and they're pretty good.
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   [noprotein (J :: M) 10/27/03 4:43 PM]

Yeah for an iTunes user. Remember to turn on "Share across the network" It allows other iTunes users on the same network as you to listen to the music on your computer. Please note this is "legal" because the music is never actually "on" your computer. Well the function was originally built to allow you to listen across your personal network, but it works just as well across dorm networks.

Its in preferences, under Sharing

   [Ziabatsu (J) 10/27/03 6:54 PM]

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