A New Contest for OIO Members!
by Diffused
(Humor, 1802 views) - 2/9/04
(recorded 2/9/04 @ 7:51:14 PM)
Hey all,
I know it's been a while since I've posted a musing. Sadly, this isn't a good one. But Sliced and I think OIO should have a new contest so we've brought you....


As of this posting 593.5 was the record attained by Sliced. See if you can beat it.

..... I'll love you? That should count for something right?

Put your scores down in the notes section so we can keep track of everybody's progress.

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furthest (with bounce) 595.4
furthest (no bounce) 513.6
shortest distance(bounce) 206.1
shortest distance (no bounce) 310.0

I played for just over an hour while on the phone with Special K... so I am about insane now.

   [noprotein (J :: M) 2/9/04 8:47 PM]

furthest (bounce):588.8
furthest: 511.3
shortest (bounce): 162!!!
shortest: 328

I played this with Roy, and he kept yelling "stop arching your back! It's bad resistance!"

   [enlite (J :: M) 2/9/04 10:18 PM]

Ok, tried it for about 5 minutes. 539.6 is the farthest I got. Maybe if I played it more, but anymore and I think I'll end up like Phil... all crazy and psychin out

   [Lux (J) 2/10/04 4:20 PM]


   [Sliced Ice (J) 2/11/04 12:17 AM]

furthest with bounce 578.7
furthest without bounce 456.2

   [delphian (J) 2/12/04 5:42 PM]

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