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by amnesiac
(Current Events-Related, 1460 views) - 11/3/04
(recorded 11/3/04 @ 4:21:01 PM)
as part of the 48% "minority" in this country, we have a few choices...

we can roll over and play dead, again... read: hide john kerry in the back of the democratic closet - to be used to promote the next democratic preisidential candidate.

we can protest our little activist hearts out at union square. just watch out for the police and their big orange hippie-catching net. this route inevitably leads to jail.

anarchy! fun while it lasts, but alas, may also end with plastic handcuffs. or if you're especially unruly, they may break out the real ones.

we can drink our worries away for the next four years. or at least the next weekend.

there's always a few hundred other countries we could visit temporarily or move to permanently... but then we've really accomplished nothing here (and bush wins!).

so i urge you, the 48%, to unite. in two years we get a chance to reclaim a few congressional seats. let's do it. for the next four years, we have to be as loud and united as possible. anything could happen in a republican administration, supreme court, and congress, so let's raise a little hell - in the form of peaceful protests, organizations, liberal media, etc.
start small. give the democratic party the good shaking it needs. let's rewrite the things we stand for. we stand for education, taxes, and health care because it's the responsible thing to do. redirect your anger. make it something positive.
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you're right, that's what we have to do. I'm ready.

   [Wildfire (J :: M) 11/3/04 6:38 PM]

It must suck to have your candidate lose.

I wonder how many weeks (if even that) your political outrage will last. College students are notorious for being fickle...

This is your inspiration:51% of us don't believe you have the heart to do anything. Prove us wrong.

   [enlite (J :: M) 11/3/04 8:09 PM]

   [Sliced Ice (J) 11/3/04 8:18 PM]

Enlite says:This is your inspiration:51% of us don't believe you have the heart to do anything. Prove us wrong.
Wow, I totally love the way you hit with this. Chills.

(The rest of this is directed not towards Enlite at all.)

The truth is, as vocal as the Bush-haters are, they aren't the majority. It's scary when the majority isn't the loudest, isn't it? "How could this happen?" we all say. "What are they thinking?" "I thought everyone I knew hated Bush."


Just the people who can't shut up about it.

This is your failing: You're so loud, you can't hear yourselves. You don't understand what you stand for, truly. You don't understand where mainstream America lies and because of that, you don't know how to market to them. You fail because you drown yourselves out with... yourselves. "Anybody but Bush", right? Apparently you forgot to send out the memo for who "anybody" was.

They call it the "silent majority" for a reason. And now it controls the Senate, the House, the White House and as soon as Reinquist dies, the Supreme Court.

Just look what you've done...

   [disillusioned (J :: M) 11/3/04 9:44 PM]

they already have the supreme court. it's not rehnquist i'm worried about, he's one of the majority conservatives on the court. if one of the more liberal four go... then we've got a bigger problem.

it's true, this election was largely motivated by hate for the current administration. the democratic platform cannot be "we're not the republicans," obviously that doesn't quite do it. we need to go back to our existing platform and give the nation the simple reasoning behind our political stance.

i don't think being quiet is the answer. the democrats, as a whole, are rather passive. sure, the super liberals among us use their freedom of speech more often than many would like, but they are not necessarily the soul of the democratic party. angry hippies are kinda loud.

regardless, democrats do have a platform... it just needs to be dusted off, perhaps reconsidered, and made clear. obviously, clarity was not the theme of the democratic campaign this year, so we have some things to work on. we have four years to do just that.

   [amnesiac (J) 11/3/04 10:56 PM]

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