Chop chop
by disillusioned
(Satire, 1801 views) - 3/30/05
(recorded 3/30/05 @ 1:05:37 AM)
There comes a definitive time in near every man's life when he looks in the mirror and questions the inner-workings of the local passerby: "Has he lost that edgy, attractive distinction between 'Chris Cardinal: Rock Star' and 'Cranton Hautmag: Mountain Man Extraordinaire'?" As such, I went on my own narcissistic self-indulgence, accompanied with some comprehensive soul searching that finally delivered upon me a prerogative of the highest order: It's time.

Therefore, tomorrow, I will throw caution to the wind and heave control upon someone who claims to do this for a living. Months of hair (decades, even) will fall around me; strands of so many simple things—like that the bank teller complimented my shampoo's smell today while I was making my withdrawal. Suffice to say, the whole business of grabbing a wad of cash from a woman who is obviously smitten with your "product" puts a bizarre twist on the whole thing and left me rather addle-minded. I, of course, accepted the compliment, and struggled not to make eye contact so that reciprocity's expectation could fall narrowly by the wayside. Cash, and go.

We'll see what happens.

I'm sure it'll all work out one way or another.
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Or, I'll double-check my alarm clock into oblivion and end up flipping it off somehow.
Profuse apologizing.
"Oh, are you Chris?"
"Yeah, are there little stars and horns near my name in the appointment book?"
"Mhmm... and X's. Lots of X's. And 'Drop this client'."
"Just kidding. When do you want to reschedule?"

   [disillusioned (J :: M) 3/30/05 5:12 PM]

Suffice to say, this musing was NOTHING metaphorical or deeper meaning, so don't feel bad if you stared at the screen for hours, wanting a Magic Eye Stereogram to appear.
*stares at Jocelyn*
*wishes there was note editing on musings*
*realizes who'd be the one responsible for that*

   [disillusioned (J :: M) 3/30/05 5:15 PM]

Thanks Chris

   [Starcrossed (J) 3/31/05 11:10 AM]

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